"Highly Recommended"

"Watching Mary Anne do readings, I see the care and thoughtfulness of her work. She uses the cards in most every area of her life and knows how to impart their wisdom to others. Her readings are thorough and she has well-developed listening skills that make her an excellent counselor and reader. She's a professional on all levels."

Robert Lee Camp
Teacher and Master Astrologer
Author of "Love Cards - The Cards of Your Destiny"


"Ive been doing healing and intuitive work for many years and feel fortunate to have found a healer of Mary Anne's caliber. She is exceptional. If you want to inquire deeply into yourself and your life circumstances, Mary Anne's work is powerful, and amazingly insightful - true guidance and highly recommended."

Will LeBlanc
Yogi, Vedic Scholar, Spiritual Coach

"Mary Anne is approachable with a conversational style of interaction that puts people at ease. She challenges traditional notions of psychotherapy by integrating clinical expertise with existential and holistic perspective."

Dr. Julie Gurner
Clinical Psychologist

"I went into this card reading as a believer, with a very open and curious mind. I was hungry for information, and it was 1,000% delivered. The volume of knowledge and information flowed effortlessly. It's so clear that this passion and dedication of Mary Anne's is truly a calling. The way she delivers each reading with such respect, genuine support, and connection– it's like we've known each other for lifetimes.

In addition, our group was relatively large, yet Mary Anne created and shared a very customized, personal, and thorough presentation (really more like a comfortable night around a fire) for everyone. It was so cool to hear each reading and be able to analyze, dive a bit deeper, and offer perspective to those that wanted it.

Such a bonding experience. I loved it and look forward to my next session. Mary Anne is truly a gift of insight."

Jessica Griffith
Card Party Attendee



"I’ve been doing Destiny Cards readings with Mary Anne for over 10 years!"

"I’ve been doing Destiny Cards readings with Mary Anne for over 10 years! I’ve always been intrigued by metaphysical practices – astrology, numerology, intuitive readings – but the Destiny Cards have been the most accurate by far. My cards have predicted my divorce, business expansion, health concerns, people who have come in and out of my life, a new relationship and more. The accuracy amazes me every time. For me, it’s a confirmation that I’m on the right path and following my soul’s unique destiny. Mary Anne has an incredible gift of not only explaining the card system in a way that’s easily understood, but also weaving all of her knowledge of astrology, numerology and personology into your reading as well.  I’ve found this invaluable in having a deeper understanding of why things happen in your life, how to stay committed to your soul plan and how to move forward in times of struggle or grief. I can’t imagine not having her guidance and this incredible system and look forward to my reading every year on my birthday!

Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD
CEO & Publisher, Natural Nutmeg Magazine

"I have had the pleasure to know Mary Anne first as a client and now as a friend and colleague. I don't make a recommendation unless I am confident of someone's expertise and professional standard, and I can state without a doubt, that Mary Anne is a top rate professional and extremely knowledgeable in each of her specialties. She is compassionate, intelligent and has a thirst for knowledge. She adds immense value to each individual and organization she touches."

Jill Berquist, PC
Executive Coach

"I had absolutely zero expectations. I not only was blown away by the level of education I received on the method she uses, but by how accurate everyone's reading was.

If you need any guidance in your life for your upcoming year, insight into family dynamics, or just want to do something different with a group of friends, I highly recommend Mary Anne. I can't wait to book a one on one!"

Jennifer E
Card Party Attendee

"Mary Anne is a very creative and talented therapist. Her expertise in chemical dependency, combined with her extensive knowledge of more holistic, nontraditional forms of therapy, will be a great asset to the Glastonbury community."

Karen DeFrancesco
Clinical Social Worker


"I attended one of Mary Anne's group readings and went in not knowing what to expect. It was such an amazing experience– truly insightful, valuable and fun.

Mary Anne is so knowledgable and treated everyone with such compassion. I was a bit unsure about having someone I don't know do something as personal as a reading in a group setting, but I was at ease just moments after meeting Mary Anne. Her calm presence, deep understanding, and guidance allowed me to truly look inward to better understand myself, as well as dynamics surrounding my family and friends. I cannot thank Mary Anne enough!"

Katie Cook
Card Party Attendee

"Mary Anne is an extremely gifted healer, whose knowledge and skills go far beyond just an understanding of emotional and psychological traumas and issues. In addition to her extensive training and experience with codependency and addictions, she brings forth a deep knowledge of the metaphysical, and combines them to offer a unique perspective with effective results. Destiny Card readings with Mary Anne are a powerful way to gain additional insight into the questions of who am I, why am I here, what are my life lessons. With her psychological training, she brings an incomparable depth to her readings."

Dr. Roberta L. Kline, MD
Holistic Womens' Health

"The card reading experience was an amazing opportunity. I instantly identified with the cards and felt a true connection with Mary Anne. I look forward to my next experience with her."

Shannon S
Card Party Attendee



"She helped me better understand my character traits, personality, behavior, innate talents and potential."

"I met Mary Anne as a part of my job search process. I had spent some time with tools like Strengths Finder 2.0, 360 Reach-Personal Brand Assessment, as well as leadership and personality type tests. But working with Mary Anne provided me with the unique perspective I needed to find more meaningful work. Through the personology analysis, she helped me better understand my character traits, personality, behavior, innate talents and potential. This was a key, missing piece of the puzzle for me. Mary Anne was a true educator during the process, not only in explaining my results but all explaining to me the importance of what was revealed.

She explained how meaningful work and purpose is a part of the bigger desire for greater alignment in all aspects of the self. By factoring in this new perspective, I am able to take a more authentic as well as holistic approach to my career and its direction. It was great working with Mary Anne and I feel blessed to have someone like her as a part of my personal development team."

Mark Paggioli
Marketing Director

"I met Mary Anne several years ago, and was immediately intrigued by her depth of knowledge in metaphysical sciences as well as her passion for educating others with the tools of her trade.

I enjoyed her readings so much that I have subsequently had several group parties for friends and family to come and listen to Mary Anne speak so that they could ask her questions, gain clarity on relationships and learn more about themselves as individuals. Everyone is always very pleased with the results. Mary Anne has a beautiful way about her - the way she speaks, the way she explains, and her love for her work are all captivating. If you are at all curious about her skills or the types of therapies she can offer you, I would highly recommend that you contact her for a consultation.

Life makes more sense when you have a higher understanding of the factors moving around you and that are influencing your path and decisions. Mary Anne helps to enhance her clients' lives with tools they can continue to use even after the session is over.

Natasha Grove
Yoga Instructor


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