PsychoSpiritual Growth & Healing

I'm a Holistic Psychotherapist defining Psychology as the study of the Psyche, a Greek word meaning Soul.

PsychoSpiritual Healing unlocks the unique code of your SOUL’S "energy" including all 4 of the ANCIENT WISDOMS: Astrology, Numerology, Cardology, and Personology.

The following is an example of a Soul's Blueprint born on January 7, 1950:

  • Capricorn (Astrology)
  • Destiny Number 5 (Numerology)
  • 7♠️ / 4♦️ Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards (Cardology)
  • Born in The Week of Determination and Living the Karmic Path of Individuation (Personology)

When we work together you'll gain a deep understanding of what these codes mean for you and your specific destiny. My clinical expertise as a licensed Psychotherapist and esoteric knowledge as a spiritual Metaphysician integrate to provide a sacred space for healing.

"I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle... astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call 'projected' - this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations."
— Carl Gustav Jung


Private Readings

You're on a personal healing journey and you're ready to go deeper to understand your purpose and what you're here to learn and teach.

You receive a full Destiny Card Analysis of an entire year of your life. You’ll learn about your personal destiny and the cards that influence your yearly experiences. Readings are infused with your personal Astrology, Numerology, and Personology to give you a holistic, big-picture approach to your healing journey. The Destiny Card Analysis will help you: improve your work life, heal relationships, gain a better sense of self, and understand your soul's purpose.

Are you curious about your love partnership compatibility? Or perhaps you're in the process of picking baby names? I offer Love Card Analysis and Name Analysis readings as well.

Booking Options

  • Destiny Card Analysis
  • Love Card Compatibility Analysis
  • Name Analysis
  • Baby Name Analysis with the option to purchase a Canvas Print

$300 per session

Group Workshops

For Yoga Studios & Healing Centers with a curious community.

I offer workshops to yoga studios and healing centers with a curious community who wish to learn about the interconnectedness between Astrology, Numerology, Personology, and the Sacred Science of the 52 playing cards.

We dive into the vibrational energies of Numbers, Energy, and Karma. We explore beyond the physical realm of personality, and allow the soul to inform us about who we are and what our purpose is.

Booking Options

  • Spiritual Bootcamp: Learning Your Personal Soul Map and Karmic Path
  • The Sacred Science of the 52 Cards
  • Introduction to Astrology
  • Introduction to Numerology
  • Introduction to Nomenology
  • Introduction to Personology

$75/ per person
Minimum of 10 people

Virtual Home Parties

For families and groups of friends who want to share a fun experience, learning about themselves and the people they're with.

Destiny Card Parties offer a creative option for gathering and connection in the comfort of one’s home to learn meaningful information about individual personality, compatibility, family dynamics and karma with other friends and family members according to the Sacred Science of the 52 Cards.

After providing individual birth data (month, day, and year) prior to the party date, attending guests will receive an emailed synopsis of their personal birth code to prepare for their reading.

Attendees are also encouraged to email relevant birth information of significant people in their life (partners, children, colleagues, etc.)

A minimum of 5 guests and a maximum of 10 is required to book a virtual destiny card party; each participant will receive a 20 minute individualized reading.

Booking Options

  • Friends & Family Parties
  • Baby Names/ Nomenology
  • Couples & The Love Cards (New offer! See more details below)

$75/ per person
Minimum of 5 people, Maximum of 10

NEW: Virtual Love Card Compatibility Parties

Virtual Love Card Compatibility Parties are a new service offering couples the opportunity to understand the KARMIC dynamic connecting their partnership, according to the Sacred Science of the 52 Cards.

Attending couples will provide individual birth data (month, day and year) prior to the scheduled party date and will receive an emailed personal birth code to prepare for their reading.

Learn about you and your partner's birth code based on the month, day, and year of birth; assess the attraction, intensity and compatibility levels within your relationship; validate the strengths and increase awareness of the challenges through a deeper appreciation for how your Karma and Past Life Cards affect your present relationship.

Realize your partner’s soul energy was attracted to yours for specific karmic purposes; did you leave a chapter unfinished from a past life pattern; have you returned to each other to complete it; what lessons is your partner teaching you through this relationship; what is the card of your relationship and the message behind it?

A minimum of 4 couples and a maximum of 6 is required to book a couples’ compatibility party; each couple will receive a 30 minute reading. Cost per couple is $100.

Team Building

For working teams who want to share a fun experience, learning about themselves and the people they work with.

This is a fun opportunity for teams to learn about the different personalties, compatibilities, strengths, and karma among each other during a corporate staff event. Guests receive a brief overview of the metaphysical sciences as well as a brief synopsis of their personal birth code and compatibility levels, followed by a question and answer discussion and opportunities to book private appointments.

Booking Options

  • Corporate Leadership & Company Culture

Customized Pricing

Baby Name Canvas Prints

Order a custom-made 11" x 14" canvas print of your child's Nomenology report. Canvas prints are made to order with the color palette and pattern of your choice. Choose from our six design options!

$90 / Canvas Print

To place an order, please contact me at:

"We received our daughter’s nomenology canvas as a baby shower gift. It was so fun and exciting to see the description and characteristics her name represents before we’d even met her. It was hung in her nursery and now we moved it to her playroom because it looks so beautiful and we want everyone to see and read it. Over the years as our daughter has grown, it describes her perfectly and we can’t help but laugh and smile every time we read it. We love it so much that we had Mary Anne do another for our newborn son. It’s a meaningful and beautiful piece for any room!"

— MacKenzie


"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing."

— Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Ready to get started?

"Everything in the universe is a number and that number has a meaning." — Pythagoras, 570-c.495 BCE

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